Just Breathe

08 Feb

Sometimes I look at my life and it takes my breath away. Other times I look at my life and IT TAKES MY BREATH AWAY! I am trying to be more appreciative and focus on the blessings, rather than letting myself get weighed down by the overwhelming tasks of each day. It is so easy to look at each day and see the enormity of working full-time, commuting, being a single parent, maintaining a household, keeping pets alive (I gave up on plants a long time ago), and adding to the To-Do list those items that I just couldn’t get to on my lunch break. Where does the time go?

The ironic thing is that we wake up each day and time is so abundantly ours for the taking! We start each day with time, and lots of it. I’ve never been good at prioritizing time. I get an urge and I go with it. An unfortunate consequence of this is procrastinating those things that I should be doing. I am almost always late – for everything. I’m lucky if I remembered everything I needed to pack. I am notoriously seeking out something … else.

In the midst of it all though, I have two amazing daughters who give the best hugs when I come home, who can’t wait to share their adventures with me, who pray earnestly when I lay with them at bedtime and ask me to linger just a little longer. Our home may not be vacuumed as often as it should and our fish bowls will always need cleaning. We may arrive late and our clothes may be wrinkled (most likely). Regardless, we have love abundantly and such sweetness. Some days just require deeper breaths.

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    February 8, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Welcome to the blog world and yay you for stepping out there and sharing your voice and your story. We need it!



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