07 Mar

Shadow FunThe weather broke this week into a milder stretch that I hope will sustain itself so we can finally claim spring. After being away from my girls for the better part of a week for work, I was content to do absolutely nothing this past weekend. We started our weekend of nothingness with a homemade Belgian waffle brunch (because we slept in, of course), followed by “Sample Saturday” at the local grocery store. An afternoon Netflix movie about a dog provoked us to “tears of joy” as my oldest would say, and prompted us to lay on the floor for a bit, cuddled up with our aging Lab. We baked cookies, made pizza bread for dinner, and cuddled in my bed for some quality time before resting up for our second day of doing nothing.

A glorious Sunday afternoon prompted a (short) walk with our dog, then a (longer) walk just us three girls searching for signs of spring. We took pictures to document our sightings and a few others just for fun. Upon returning home, we retrieved the porch chairs from the shed and washed them down. The silent consensus was to avoid going inside if at all possible, as evidenced by each of us taking up residence on the porch for the better part of the evening. We played games, shared thoughts, laughed and loved, until the day ran out. My youngest summed it up perfectly, “We should do nothing more often.”

Indeed, we should.

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One response to “Nothingness

  1. judybeauchemin

    March 12, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    That sounds like a perfect weekend. What a great way to enjoy the most important things in life….each other. God bless all of you!


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