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We Three

Reminders of love

plaster my desk –

gifts made over the years

Little love notes

for wake up calls

bring on happy tears

Our family changes

but at the core

we three will always show

Grace and love

and hope and peace

to a world that needs to know

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“I think there’s an invisible string that joins moms to their children when they’re not together. They might be called heart-strings.”

My 7-year-old, in her infinite wisdom beyond her years, uttered this statement during bedtime the other night. I had returned from a weekend trip with my oldest daughter and had to leave my youngest behind for three days.

As a parent, it is never easy to be separated from your children. Some parents know this far better than I do. It is something that cuts to our core. Our children feel it too.

There is something that connects us – something often difficult to explain. If you have that connection, you know it, and nothing else compares. Nothing else can fill the void you feel when you’re apart.

I think this is true of our relationship with the God of the universe too. He loves us intimately and wants us to be connected. There is an invisible string that connects us to Him and there is nothing else in this world that can fill the God-sized, God-shaped void in our lives, though we all have tried substitutes.

My daughter is a cuddler. She craves physical connection, much like I do, in order to feel loved. If you’re like me, this can make it difficult to feel loved by a God who often feels so far removed from our physical presence. Just like with a child, when you spend time with God (through prayer, reading His word, communing with nature), you begin to feel surrounded by a warmth, a comfort, and a peace. There is absolutely nothing on earth that comes close to a heavenly hug.

I will say, though … being a mom is a close second.


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Keep Calm

Those signs are popping up everywhere now. You’ve seen them. They are on mugs, towels, t-shirts, posters, tote bags, doormats, and yes – even bandaids.

I always wondered what the crown was for, so I did a little research. Turns out this was a poster produced by the British government during WWII to help raise public morale in case of invasion.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time keeping calm on a daily basis, much less in the face of a potential disaster!

And yet, the sentiment of the poster seems to push beyond the words it bears. We must carry on in the face of adversity because otherwise, we claim defeat. We ought to keep calm because that is when we can have rational thought and make the wise decision.

All of this was recently put to the test for me with a rather challenging weekend trip from which I am still recovering. We camped at a site infested with huge spiders and a high tick warning. I had to repair a hole in my tent with a plastic bag and band-aids. Our directions were almost always wrong. The heat made everyone cranky and the water supply was lacking. People got their panties in a bunch over changes in plans or lack of planning.

The good news is that I remembered to pack my big girl panties, so I was able to face the challenges with self-control and fortitude. A little support sure goes a long way.



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Sweet Waggie

I can still remember the day I went to my co-worker’s house to see her litter of puppies. I did not intend to take one home, of course, but as soon as I sat on the floor, the runt of the litter climbed right into my lap and curled up to sleep. She was so sweet and lovable.

It is now 11 years later and she remains that sweet, lovable pup who likes to cuddle at your feet and will stand by your side no matter what. She’s the pup who shares me with two little girls and allows them to lay on her, climb on her, and yes, even dress her up. She has comforted me through life changes simply by laying her head in my lap.

The problem is, she is getting older. She has developed diabetes (after a bout of pancreatitis) and needs regular injections twice daily to maintain her glucose levels. We are still visiting the vet every 2-3 weeks to get that under control, as it seems to be a huge guessing game how many units will do the trick. She is on a special diet and only gets an occasional carrot when she gets her shots. She needs extra attention and guidance because she has gone blind in both eyes and can only see shadows.

The challenge is not caring for a sick and aging dog. I can get through cleaning up after occasional accidents. I can endure the cost of treatments and veterinary care. I can make accommodations to our home, our visitors, our lives.

The challenge is watching her endure something she cannot control, that is slowly causing her to deteriorate.

And yet …

She remains ever as sweet, ever as lovable, ever puppy-like in her demeanor. She still nuzzles, and cuddles, and wags her tail unceasingly. And she sits right by my side still, where I know she will always be, even long after she leaves her pack.


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