Parting Thoughts

18 Jul

I have been trying to prepare myself for this coming weekend. My girls will be going away with their grandparents to meet up with their dad, and their aunt, uncle and cousin, for 7 days. I think the longest we have been apart is 4 days and that was still in the same state and for a business trip.

As my youngest put it yesterday, from the back seat of the car, “It’s bittersweet. We get to spend time with dad, but we have to leave you for lots of days.” And so it goes in the life of a family separated by divorce and 1300 miles …

The great thing about being their mother, more than anything else I have ever done or will ever do in this lifetime, is the intense bond I have built with my daughters. There is nothing like it. It is full of extreme highs and tedious lows, but we live and we learn and we continue to love through it all.

When you are used to being their day-to-day confidante, cheerleader, provider, mentor, boo-boo kisser, cuddle bug, and prayer warrior, you worry about all their needs being met when you’re not there to do it. It requires an enormous amount of faith and trust in those to whom you are giving them over, because you will validate and forever argue that “mama knows best”.

My girls are about to have a terrific vacation and make many wonderful memories. And while we might be apart physically, they are always in my heart and I know they will carry me in theirs.

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One response to “Parting Thoughts

  1. Grandma

    July 18, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    I hope you do some fun things you haven’t had time to do before and I hope the girls will have a wonderful time with their dad and his family. You will all be so happy to be back together again in a week. I’ll be thinking of you. Come see us if you have some extra time. We would love a visit!
    Lots of love,


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