Sweet NY

10 Oct

We recently returned from a family trip to Florida, which we do twice a year. This time, some things just seemed more obvious than on previous trips. There’s something comical about the regional differences as you cross through the eastern coastal states. Here are just a few …

You know you’ve returned to NY from a trip down south when … 

1. You hit the NY state line and declared “We’re home!” – even though home is still 2 hours away.
2. You survived Pennsylvania.
3. This is the most you’ve paid for gas in a week.
4. You put a hoodie on because it’s 45 degrees but you still wear flip flops.
5. It’s 45 degrees.
6. You were able to shower and get ready without sweating enough to warrant another shower.
7. You opened a window to let in some fresh air and slept comfortably.
8. The bugs are all either dead or hibernating.
9. No one held the door for you at the supermarket or asked if they could help load your groceries and you thought that was perfectly acceptable.
10. You look out the window and see more than 2 colors in the trees.
11. You didn’t have to pack sunscreen to go outside, but a scarf might not be a bad idea.
12. After doing the laundry, you pack away the clothes because you won’t need them for another 6-8 months.
13. You don’t have an accent. Neither does anyone else.
14. You don’t have to explain to anyone that you’re not from NY City, but actually closer to Canada.
15. Drivers don’t slow down for a little rain.
16. Your kids are the only ones in class with sunburn in October.
17. You asked for pop at a restaurant and did not get a soda.
18. Your waitress does not know your whole life story.
19. You pulled off the New Yorker slow crawl semi-stop at the 4-way stop sign and didn’t have to conference with the other drivers to see who should go first.
20. You went a whole day and no one called you “Ma’am” or “Sir”.
21. No one, and I mean no one, was “fixin'” to do anything.
22. You defrosted your car after mowing the lawn.
23. Your lawn was planted, not rolled out.


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2 responses to “Sweet NY

  1. Pat

    October 10, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Ut. Oh. I actually use the expression “I’m fixin’ to do just that.” Sorry! I’m fixin’ to do penance on that now.

  2. Judy Beauchemin

    October 10, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Ha ha ha!! I enjoyed reading this… true!


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