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Expertly Made

I’d like to tell you a story.

I have been uniquely placed in the midst of two families.

I am a child of adoption.

I would like to share that journey with you.

Would you care to listen?

Pour a fresh cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s begin.

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I went to get gas on my lunch break today. Pretty routine for me.

As I sat in a line of cars, I watched a man push a grocery cart from trash bin to trash bin, looking through them for cans and bottles to add to his collection. The attendant brought out a few cans that he had in his station to give to the man.

I watched the man as he walked away, intently pushing his cart onward to the next trash bin across the parking lot. I pulled up, pumped my gas, and started to drive off.

I remembered that I had four bags of bottles and cans in the back of my car that I had been meaning to return.

I drove around the parking lot and found a spot, parked my car, and grabbed the bags. As I headed over to the man, I noticed that he was an older gentleman, with a multitude of grey hair, weathered skin, and a tired but intent expression.

I said, “May I offer you these?”

He replied: “Thank you very much. I hate to have to do this, but it’s how I am able to eat. I am grateful for people’s indifference to throw money away. Every nickel counts! ”

Onward he went.

And there I stood … humbled.

I struggle with bills, like everyone else, and often scrimp and save, and manage what I can for my family. We don’t have everything we might like, and we have sacrificed to have basic necessities, but we have always had enough. Hard as it is sometimes, I have no idea what it is like not to know where my next meal will come from. I know we have so much need in this world, but there is also a great need right here in our backyards.

I don’t typically say grace when I sit down to a meal. It’s never really been a practice of mine.

Today I did.

I have much to be grateful for.


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Take Heed

Today I am reaching out to men.
If you are a woman, I encourage you to share this post with the men in your life.

Men … there is something you must know. It is of critical importance.

YOU may be a defining person in the life of a little girl.

Did you know that?

The men in a girl’s life are profoundly influential. Whether you are a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, grandfather, husband, cousin, friend, group leader, teacher, coach, you leave a mark on the girls whose lives you are a part of. Even if your role is not as significant as you might think, believe me, you have an effect on that little girl. It may be in your words and your actions, or through the giving of your time and talents, or lending a listening ear, or simply being present.

This is not a matter to take lightly. It is a huge responsibility. You are modeling how men should treat women, how they should act, what they should say, and whether you know it or not, you may be forming an image of the kind of man who that girl will one day seek after.

I have seen this first-hand. I have experienced it myself as a little girl. Now that I have two daughters, I feel responsible to teach them to guard their hearts. I feel incredibly blessed by the men in my daughters’ lives. They have an amazing family of dedicated, compassionate, and loving men who help care for them and give of their time and talents to encourage my girls. They have a loving father who does his best to stay connected and maintain deep roots with his little girls, even from miles away. They have a supportive male role model in our home who gives of himself every day to be sure they know they are safe and loved. They have wonderful grandfathers who are fun to be with and who provide them with examples of healthy marriages. They have been blessed with six uncles, and whether they see them often or not, they look forward to the moments they can spend together because these are men of great character who have diverse and exciting personalities.

We are also blessed to know many other men, from our community, from our church, and from their schools, who connect with them through an interest or hobby and help them grow in their abilities, always encouraging them and reaffirming their contributions.

So men, listen close. Little girls are watching you. They see what you do, they hear what you say. And trust me, they take it to heart.

Let your words lift them up. Let your actions be nothing but compassionate. Let your interactions be affirming.

One day these little girls will look for someone just like you. Let that be a good thing.


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Teach Well

To My Child’s Teachers …

Every day, I give you my child.

Teach her to be inquisitive and thoughtful,
not methodical and standardized.

Teach her to create her own future, outside the box,
not fill in circles and conform to impractical ideals.

Teach her confidence to challenge the status quo,
not submission to an archaic system.

Teach her compassion for her hurting world,
not a competitive edge over her peers.

Teach her to inquire and discover knowledge
not dictate to her and perpetuate routine.

Teach her to explore, to envision, to cultivate
not sustain a mundane existence.

Every day, I give you my child.
Teach her well.

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