Teach Well

07 Nov

To My Child’s Teachers …

Every day, I give you my child.

Teach her to be inquisitive and thoughtful,
not methodical and standardized.

Teach her to create her own future, outside the box,
not fill in circles and conform to impractical ideals.

Teach her confidence to challenge the status quo,
not submission to an archaic system.

Teach her compassion for her hurting world,
not a competitive edge over her peers.

Teach her to inquire and discover knowledge
not dictate to her and perpetuate routine.

Teach her to explore, to envision, to cultivate
not sustain a mundane existence.

Every day, I give you my child.
Teach her well.

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One response to “Teach Well

  1. judybeauchemin

    November 12, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    That takes a pretty perfect teacher. Not many of them around. I hope your girl will always have the very best teachers. You are an excellent mom to be keeping the teachers on their toes. You know teaching and you know your girls….Excellent combination. When I started college (MANY years ago) I changed careers because teaching was structured as a rigid program. I didn’t want to be that kind of teacher, so I didn’t become a teacher at all. Your loving care and good communication skills will provide the very best education for your girls.


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