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Consider This

Consider this
A man
With a plan
Seemingly happy
Enters temptation
One little gamble
One small detail
One night only
To make a train wreck of his plan
He let sin enter in
Can’t tell his wife
Can’t tell anyone
He’s messed up their lives
Can’t face his boss
Can’t face his kids
He never considered this

Consider this
A girl
With a plan
A future
All her own
Enters temptation
She settles for doubt
For not being enough
She convinces herself
To settle for sin
Can’t face her peers
Can’t face her family
Turns to destruction
To fill her hollow, broken vessel
Her body a sacrifice
For this train wreck of a life
She never considered this

Consider this
A man
Born to die
Lives a life
To be the proof
Of perfect love and sacrifice
Sin he never let in
Temptation never won
This man
This Jesus
Saved you
From your messed up plans

Hear me now
I know
I know because my life
Had a plan
I let sin enter in
My life
My train wreck of a life
Cost the lives of others
How do you live
With that
How do you wash the stains
Of sin

You can’t
You know you can’t
Because you’ve tried
I know
I’ve tried

There is nothing you can do

But consider this
Jesus shed the blood
That has washed away your sin
Cleaned up your plan
And put your train back on track

Hear me now
Jesus came for all
He came for you
And he came for me
And my train wreck of a life
And your messed up plans
Can be sanctified for Glory

Hear me now
Jesus came for all

Consider this


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Always Know

This Sweet Wednesday I am highlighting a wonderful blogger named Desiree over at The 36th Avenue. She wrote about children and how they remember their childhood. It got me thinking about my own childhood and reminiscing on fond memories. It got me thinking about my children and the memories I am leaving for them. What will they truly remember?

I hope they will remember this.

I want my children to know how important they are to me, and so I need to show them, by giving them my undivided attention and hugs … lots of hugs. It’s in the cuddles on the couch, reading bedtime stories, playing dress up and diving into their make-believe stories. It’s family dinners and school events and remembering to show up in some way, everyday, so that they always know you’re there.

And because my children are daughters, I want them to know this too.

As they grow ever taller, ever more beautiful inside and out, I want them to know they are loved. Not just because they have heard it, but because they have deeply felt it … my protection, my guidance, my care.

I want them to be compassionate and giving, while learning to guard their hearts. I want them to grow into the amazing women God created them to be, as I cheer them on from the sidelines, pick them up when they fall, and coach them toward their goals.

I want them to know that being together, doing absolutely nothing, means the world to me.

Alaina Tovah


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One Month

I started reading this book just yesterday, upon the recommendation from a friend, and it has rocked my world! One Month to Live, by Kerry and Chris Shook, is a unique approach to examining your life from the perspective of it potentially being your last month. It’s not a bucket-list approach to how you might live, but rather it looks at how you might start making each day count, making it more fruitful, and positively impacting those around you.

Here are a few questions posed in the book, as well as some probing thoughts:

One Little Dash
“Looking at old tombstones, I can’t help but recognize that entire lives are now reduced before me to two dates and one little dash … It comes down to what’s in the dash …We don’t get to decide the dates on our gravestone. We don’t know when our time on this earth will be up. But there is one thing we have a vast amount of control over. We get to decide how we’re going to use our dash.”

Someday Syndrome
“I know so many people whose favorite day of the week is Someday … Someday. One day. When. If. Then it’s over … This is your life, right here, right now … God didn’t design us simply to stand by and watch life pass as we wonder why we aren’t more fulfilled. God created us to take risks in faith and to conquer the giants that paralyze us with fear.”

Make It Count
“As quickly as possible, without thinking too hard or too long, make a list of five things you’d change about your life if you knew you only had a month to live.”

“Are you doing anything in your life right now that requires faith?”

One of the things the book encourages the reader to do is tell someone you are reading this book, as an accountability partner, but also as someone to share what’s happening as you attempt to live boldly. I have chosen you. Through this space I hope to share what I have been learning, my reflections, my conviction, and yes … how I am choosing to use my dash.

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For You, Today

Just your friendly reminder to be awesome today …

Be your best self!



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