On Men & Confidence

29 May

In an effort to share with you all the wisdom I can garner from Sarah at Diapers & Daisies, here are two more of her brilliant posts in her series Raising a Daughter …

Lessons on Men

When it comes to the opposite sex, there can be so much confusion and heartache. One thing I’ve learned is that the men have it harder in this regard. Women are incredibly complex, and therefore we tend to think men are too. They aren’t. What they say is typically what they mean, even when they say nothing. To accompany these 15 lessons from Sarah, listen to the wonderful explanation by Mark Gungor about the differences between men and women. If you are in a relationship, try listening to it together and use it to have a fun conversation.

Building Her Confidence

As a single mother, it is so important to me that the men in my daughters’ lives be ones that will encourage and uplift them. These words of wisdom from Sarah echo what a mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or other significant person in a little girl’s life can do to help build her confidence and foster her own unique spirit.


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