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Just Dance

I read a blog post this morning that I thought was simply wonderful. It gave a terrific perspective from a mom of a young boy who loves to dance. Though his parents have enrolled him in a variety of sports, dancing remains his passion and has shaped his dream.

Read “If my son wanted to dance, I would kill myself” to see how one mother defended her son against the ignorance of another parent.

Whether you have a son or a daughter, as parents we need to realize that the words we speak into our children’s heads will be the words that lift up or tear down their hearts as they grow into adults. Each child is uniquely created and gifted and they can become anything their hearts desire. We need to stop allowing society to dictate what is appropriate for our children. We must be their encouragement and support.


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Take Care

We must teach our children
To smell the earth,
To taste the rain,
To touch the wind,
To see things grow,
To hear the sun rise
And night fall,
To care.
— John Cleal

It’s no secret. We take care of what we love … a treasured keepsake, a pet, a garden, an old book, a friendship.

These things are temporal and yes, often fleeting. They hold an emotion, a feeling, a sentiment for us, but some may not remain.

Instead, let us teach our children to embrace the sights and sounds of their world and learn to care for and cultivate it. Teach them to soak up the sun and imprint the beauty of the landscape on their minds, so that when they close their eyes, no matter where they are, they can transport themselves back.

Help them to imagine the world as it can be and encourage them to change what is to what it can become.

And to begin … you must teach yourself.


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She did it again. My friend, Lisa- Jo, posted a beautiful tribute to mothers and motherhood. You simple must read it here.

It comes at a time for me when I am feeling like I am simply floating just above the surface with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. And yet …

These days are precious.
These hugs have power to heal.
These hands will lift you up.
This heart will break, over and over again, and mend itself stronger.

I will be your Champion and your Anchor.

And I will ride the currents and the occasional wave. I will not be sunk.

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Distorted Perspectives

After reading this letter posted by a blogger friend, and wiping tears away from my face, I knew this would have to be my next Sweet Wednesday post. It is told from the perspective of the daughter who once saw her mother as beautiful and wise, but her perspective was tainted by her mother’s distorted image of herself. The impact we, as mothers, have on our daughters’ body image is profound … and it starts with a healthier approach to our reflections in the mirror.

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat

Here are some things I want all young girls to know …

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter 

You are a beautifully, uniquely, and wonderfully created by a God who loves you. You can do anything and you will accomplish great things. You can change your world. You are enough.


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Grandpa Joe

I met my maternal grandfather a little over 12 years ago. I was adopted as an infant and though I have reconnected with my birth family, 12 years does not seem like a very long time together when you consider the number of years apart.

Grandpa was a wonderful storyteller and he had many remarkable and fun adventures. We’ve spent so many visits sharing stories and that, for me, has been such precious time.

My grandpa’s health has always been declining. My grandma has always been his caretaker. Both are incredibly strong people with the biggest hearts. Their 56 years of marriage has been spent more in sickness than in health, but their love is based on faith and their relationship has always impressed upon me what love should looks like.

I visited Grandpa Joe a month ago, knowing it may be our last time together. He told me he asked his nurse to let him know when he was dying. I asked him why. He said, “I’ve never died before, so how will I know?”

He made me laugh and smile, as he always would. He was full of wisdom and insight and I soaked it all up. He told me to write even when I didn’t know what to say.  3e50f061-aaa7-4bfc-af97-e7805dd8ed69

This week, Grandpa went home to be with Jesus and into the waiting arms of my mother who went before him. Rest well Grandpa Joe. Give mom a hug for me. Watch over Grandma.

I will continue to capture the stories.


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