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Be Yourself

Girls are such precious gifts.

Intricately woven, complex caricatures, with delicate hearts longing for acceptance and security.

I have such a heart for girls.

I know what it feels like to want to belong, yet to want to stand for something, even if it means to be set apart.

I know the pangs of heartbreak from those closest to you.

I know the fear of rejection and the joy of redemption.

And I know that if we let our girls be who they were created to be, they will shine brightly in this world and make a difference.

And they will know grace, and love, and acceptance in a deep, wrapped in a warm embrace, kind of way that will transcend the hurt and the heartache. Because those too will come.

But they will be ready. And they will stand firm … grounded.

With a belief in themselves and a profound knowing, owning who they are.

And making no apologies.

Inspired by On letting our girls be themselves


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