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Perfect Imperfection

The soles of my feet,
worn and rough,
take the hard road
avoiding eggshells.

My calves,
solid and strong,
chase after dreams
running in circles.

These thighs
rise and fall.
They carry me
and hold you back.

My hips are wide,
stretched and scarred,
birthing beautiful life.

The soft folds of my stomach,
branded by the ebb and flow
of attempted perfection.

Full breasts have nourished and sustained,
remain tempting and seductive.

These shoulders
grow weary,
bear the burden of struggle,
carry the weight of what if.

Greying hair is trademark
of lessons learned –
Mistakes repeated.

You need not concern yourself
with the scars of my body.

It is mine to own
to share
as it pleases me.

Wise eyes
see into your soul,
reveal hidden desires
deep within me.

These lips,
softly grazing your skin,
evoke longing
that lingers after they’ve parted.

I hold my chin high.
My pride
will not allow me
to belong to you
to anyone.

Though my body breaks,
I rise inside.

My heart, ignited,
soars with a thirst for passion
that no one,
no one
has been able to quench

Though you have tried
in vain.



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38 Things

Today is my birthday. Every year, I like to take time to reflect on what the past year has given me and what I have learned. These are just a few of the things I’ve compiled so far. While they are unique to me and my own circumstances, I hope a few will grab you and be reminders for you to live your best life. They have served me well.

1. Life is all about growing: growing up, growing pains, and discovering yourself along the way.

2. Don’t try so hard to make memories with your kids that you miss how awesome they are right now, today, in this moment.

3. If you have daughters, something will always be an emergency.

4. What someone else may not like about you is their problem, not yours.

5. When you think you’ve got nothing left, dig deeper. You will surprise yourself.

6. You are not your body. Whether it is overweight, outdated, or underperforming, it does not define you.

7. We’re all a little crazy. Some just try harder than others.

8. There is no excuse that justifies hurting someone you love.

9. Your mind and your body are far more capable than your fears and anxieties will lead you to believe.

10. Divorce doesn’t have to break you, or your family.

11. Taking time to sit by the lake can bring refuge and peace.

12. Bitterness, anger, resentment, will all eat away at you from the inside and show on the outside.

13. Take good care of your vehicles and they will return the favor.

14. There is no greater sacrificial love on earth than that of a mother who would give her child up for the hope that he or she will have a better life than she could give.

15. Some friendships fare better the second time around. The same can be said for other relationships.

16. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, as comforting as a hug from your child.

17. Hug often.

18. Love others better than yourself.

19. Make time for coffee with friends.

20. Call your mother.

21. Your parents didn’t have it all together either but they were still right about most of it.

22. Your children start out thinking you are amazing. Believe them and don’t let them down.

23. You were not created to live selfishly. Give of yourself to others.

24. Be kind.

25. The truth is easier to defend than a lie.

26. No cell phones at dinner … just good old fashioned conversation and looking at each other face to face.

27. Learn to cook. Love others through food.

28. There are no guarantees. You take what you’ve got and you do your best with it. Count your blessings.

29. Visit those who have invested in you and let them know they are appreciated.

30. Your work will be waiting for you the next day. Your family may not be.

31. Fall in love with someone who lets you be more of who you are, and do the same for them in return.

32. Get up. Dress up. Take pride in yourself. Have standards. Don’t wear sweat pants to the grocery store.

33. I have cultivated a beautiful, healthy friendship with chocolate. It understands me.

34. Pursue your passions. Make time for them. They will keep you fulfilled.

35. Getting lost in a good book at bedtime is the best reason to be tired in the morning.

36. I have accepted that I am not a punctual person. You should too. We will get along much better.

37. The world would be a better place if people would just smile more, hold the door for one another, and use turn signals.

38. Love wins.




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