Merciful Grace

27 Jan

One week.

Seven days. Seven long days.

In one week our family lost my 12 year old cousin and my 88 year old aunt. We have spent the past week in the midst of tears, questions, grief, and heartbreak. We have held each other, prayed for each other, loved each other.

Funerals unite us. Death unites us.

And yet …

Many of us will return to our sense of normal, in time. We will hold on to our memories and they will sustain us.

But for others, they will not. Someone has to return home without their son. Someone has to leave without their mother.

For these, life will forever be different. A void will exist, though in time, a new normal will emerge.

We will trudge on.

May we never forget the loss. May we never take for granted our normal. May we never forget to pray. May we always hold each other up.

And may we unite again in love.


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One response to “Merciful Grace

  1. judybeauchemin

    January 27, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Death is so difficult and so heartbreaking no matter what the age of a loved one. You express yourself so well and touch the hearts of everyone who reads your thoughts. God bless you and your family through this difficult time.


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